About Us

Rosie Jonasson remembers visiting her godmother 20 years ago in Italy. She owned a little store that only sold socks. It was that visit that inspired her to open a shop of her own. At c&c you’ll find a mix of bath and bedroom decor, kitchenware, handcrafted fashion, jewellery shoes and yes even socks.

Rosie grew up in an Italian home where her mother Giuseppina Chiatto always had fabulous meals and everything was home-made. It`s the reason Castles and Cottages carries a collection of funky, functional, and innovative kitchenware and culinary supplies

Rosie Jonasson`s grandpa raised 8 children in a small town in Italy. He was a musician and a shoemaker. his name was Florindo Palermo. its the reason why c&c carries a collection of European designs and hand-made leather boots and shoes.

We have so much for you to discover! – the ultimate store for living and giving

Rosie Jonasson – Owner

“I’d rather snuggle animals than eat them”

Born in Italy, Rosie has definitely brought a European influence to the store. Her grandfather raised 8 children making shoes for a living, that it why the shore contains an impressive selection of beautiful handmade boots and shoes. Her mother was a phenomenal cook which has inspired her to bring in products that will release anybody’s inner chef. Another of her passions is yoga, which inspired healthy and peaceful products that, no matter how small, make a difference in the world. “When there’s a will there’s a way” is her motto for life

Natalie Jonasson

“i’m hungry”

Natalie is our office manager who only wears black except for her ever changing hair colour. she is a fabulous italian vegetarian chef. She rocks out as a bass player in a punk band and has an impressive collection of John fluevog boots.

Sage Foucault

“4 dogs isn’t that many….”

Living in the wilderness on the mountains, Sage is a classic DIY homesteader. She has a garden and makes everything from scratch. Her expertise is bread, pasta, perogies, and all things fermented. She keeps the kitchen section organized and stocked and her artistic side shines in her displays. She is multi-talented not only in the kitchen but with a needle and thread, and as a hairdresser.


Eva Frangiadakis

Our little tinkerbell Greek goddess is the store manager because she is talented in all parts of the stores categories. Excellent chef and seamstress. As a super hard worker, it all started in a greek restaurant at 2 feet tall and 4 years old.

Brenda Turgeon

“a girl can never have too many pairs of shoes”

Brenda the fashionista is the go to girl if you want to look good. We are all super inspired to look nice if we’re working with Brenda. She is extremely kind hearted and her favourite thing in the store is to help people feel good about themselves. She might be small but she’s mighty; from heels to runners, she is always full of energy.

Danielle Cornell-Bayley

“Let it Grow!”

This girl has got to have one of the best gardens in Kamloops. She’s got a background in agriculture and is also a DIY advocate for canning, pickling, and preserves. Definitely the girl to see for culinary expertise.

Her passion for natural living shows in her day to day life.

Lilly Chisholm

“scrub a dub dub”

Lilly is the youngest member of the team, therefore is the most technologically advanced. She is our Instagram superstar and always treats us to homemade desserts. She’s our sweet innocent baby <3

If you need any advice on our bath products “scrub a dub dub” is her middle name.