Journey to the Philippines

Chad Jonasson – “My mom and myself came to Cebu, Philippines with 14 other amazing people to do some volunteer work with the Rise Above Foundation. The primary goal was to tear down and rebuild a small house on the side of a mountain that was home to Peregrina and her 7 children, but there is also lots of projects to do at the Rise Above community centre, which has slowly been built by volunteers and locals over the years.

Our visit is over now and It’s hard to put the experience into words. I was a little nervous to come, but it’s hard not to fall in love with this place and the people who live here. To see so many with so little be so happy is extremely humbling and definitely makes you appreciate living where we live. The pictures don’t do it much justice.’

Thank you to Kamloops Hot Yoga and Developing World Connections for for making this project possible.


Developing World Connections

Kamloops Hot Yoga

Rise Above Foundation